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Last updated: 06/05/2023 06:53pm EST

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5905-00-008-6871 Nonwire Wound Variable Resistor 06/05/23 06:53pm

body style cylindrical bushing mounted. overall length 1.297 inches maximum. shaft style round slotted.

nsn 5962-00-008-6843 Digital Microcircuit 06/05/23 06:52pm

body length 0.745 inches minimum and 0.785 inches maximum body width 0.240 inches minimum and 0.260 inches maximum body height 0.055 inches minimum and 0.140 inches maximum

nsn 3110-00-008-6676 Annular Ball Bearing 06/05/23 05:49pm

flange outside diameter 0.2960 inches flange width 0.0230 inches

5905-00-008-6512 Resistor Assembly 06/05/23 04:50pm

assembly construction method mounted on printed circuit board

nsn 5935-00-008-6510 Plug Dummy Connector 06/05/23 04:23pm

contact surface treatment silver single mating end single contact grouping and gold single mating end single contact grouping contact material copper alloy single mating end single contact grouping

nsn 5935-00-008-6509 Electrical Receptacle Connector 06/05/23 02:54pm

contact material copper alloy single mating end single contact grouping contact surface treatment gold single mating end single contact grouping

nsn 5820-00-008-6481 Amplifier-converter 06/05/23 01:06pm

overall length 19.368 inches overall height 7.725 inches overall width 2.250 inches

2840-00-008-6449 Combustion Chamber Patch 06/05/23 12:52pm

material nickel alloy

nsn 2840-00-008-6447 Aircraf Combustion Chamber Liner 06/05/23 12:52pm

overall length 1.200 inches minimum and 1.210 inches maximum diameter 6.800 inches

nsn 2840-00-008-6445 Compressor Stator Brace 06/05/23 12:51pm

nsn 2840-00-008-6445 overall length 3.285 inches

nsn 2840-00-008-6436 Aircraft Turbine Component Liner 06/05/23 12:51pm

overall length 2.630 inches minimum and 2.650 inches maximum

nsn 2840-00-008-6434 Aircraft Compressor Disk And Hub 06/05/23 12:51pm

end item identification acft eng. tf-41 engine section location turbine

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